SIGMA³ on Stage at 3D Seismic Symposium, Denver

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Houston – February 25, 2016 – Sigma Cubed Inc. (SIGMA³) GeoEngineering™ solutions will be highlighted in two papers during the 22nd Annual 3D Seismic Symposium at the Denver Convention Center on Thursday, March 3. SIGMA³ is a leading provider of integrated solutions to help oil companies lower finding and development costs and increase production.


10:25 a.m. - Middle Bakken Well Performance Predicted Using Shale Capacity™
C. Newgord, M. Mediani, P. O'Conor (SIGMA³) & Ahmed Ouenes (FracGeo)

Understanding the geologic drivers of the variable distribution of well performance in unconventional reservoirs like the Bakken is essential for predicting future performance and managing future exploitation. During this presentation, Chelsea Newgord, SIGMA³ Reservoir Geophysicist, will discuss how the SIGMA³ 3D seismic driven Shale Capacity™ model was used to accurately predict 90-day initial production rates in the Bakken reservoir.

Using 3D seismic and well log data, a Shale Capacity™ model was developed based on key reservoir properties, including Natural Fractures, Brittleness, Total Organic Carbon, Oil Saturation, and Porosity. This project demonstrates the value of 3D seismic data in capturing the reservoir heterogeneity that is driving variable well production results. Seismically driven reservoir characterization is now able to significantly increase the probability of drilling the best producing wells, while reducing the risk of drilling poor producers.


4:20 p.m. - Sweet Spot Identification for Drilling & Hydraulic Fracturing Using Geophysics, Geology & Geomechanics: Application to the Buda & Georgetown Unconventional Play
Cortez, T., Wilson, S., Ingles, D., Energy & Exploration Partners,
Fackler, M., Mediani, M., Lezzar, K., Taylor, S., SIGMA³, Umholtz, N., Ouenes, A., FracGeo

Naturally fractured tight carbonate reservoirs have attained new life through recent technological and regulatory breakthroughs. De-risking these complex reservoirs hinges on our ability to integrate multi-disciplinary reservoir-scale predictive models using seismic and well data.

Trey Cortez, Geologist, Energy & Exploration Partners, will demonstrate how a new workflow that integrates geophysical, geological, and geomechanical models, reveals the most productive regions of a reservoir. These models, which include microseismic validation using anisotropic velocity to improve the position of events, allow optimal well placement, selection of refrac wells, and help operators maximize production while reducing cost.

About SIGMA³
Sigma Cubed Inc. (SIGMA³) addresses the demands of the next generation of conventional and unconventional resources producers through the development and delivery of unprecedented GeoEngineeringTM integration, resulting in better subsurface reservoir characterization and optimal frac and completion strategies. Operators can significantly increase production while reducing costs by fracturing the reservoir where it is most productive, and validating their results using the industry's most reliable microseismic acquisition, processing and imaging. Through a truly integrated, commercial portfolio of proprietary software, expertise and services, SIGMA³ helps clients target the sweet spots that will yield maximum EUR. For more information visit

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