Seismic Studio™  v1.7 Released

HOUSTON, TX - April 9, 2013 - SIGMA³ has released Seismic Studio™ v1.7, offering significant performance and data handling enhancements for oil and gas operators and service companies who manage large seismic surveys from complex geologic environments. Seismic Studio is the premier statics solution for challenging land, transition zone and shallow marine OBC surveys where shallow subsurface velocity and geometry problems are a primary challenge in obtaining quality seismic data.

"Robust seismic processing of land and OBC data requires accurate geometry and statics solutions. With today's seismic data sets measuring in the Terabytes of digital data, the data handling task for front end processing is becoming more and more challenging," said Dr. Alan R. Huffman, Chief Technology Officer of SIGMA³. "This new release of Seismic Studio will facilitate efficient handling and analysis of today's very large data sets that will improve turnaround time and enhance the overall processing workflows for complex geologic environments."

New, user-requested functionality enhancements are also incorporated in this release, including more efficient velocity and tomography processes and a more intuitive user interface.

About SIGMA³
SIGMA³ (Sigma Cubed Inc.), is a leading technology provider for the oil and gas industry that advises oil and gas companies where and how to drill the most prolific wells, while maximizing their production. Through a truly integrated, reservoir-centric portfolio of technology, expertise and services, SIGMA³ delivers an unprecedented level of integration that spans reservoir understanding to production optimization.


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